The passion behind the brand, not the man.

Research shows that 33% of  people have grown up without a mentor. This causes generations of individuals to fall short of a key component of development.  Personalized guidance through a mentor is something everyone wants, but unfortunately remain unaware how to obtain a mentor in their natural environment.

Anwar Taylor is an adamant advocate of mentorship to eliminate this gap. His vision for Everyday Mentorship is that it serves as the #1 catalyst for a world where everyday people have created purposeful relationships to grow in their personal and professional lives.

Everyday Mentorship’s brand is focused on to helping individuals of all walks of life develop their own positive circle of influence. Anwar published an autobiographical book, Lessons from Old School: A Path Made of Mentors. In his book, Anwar recounts several key role models he learned valuable life lessons from, and challenges the reader to become a mentor themselves.


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